“Money is a necessity, but that alone can bring no true happiness.”

J.W McConnell


A New Name

Following J.W. McConnell’s passing in 1963, the family wished to continue his work and the foundation was renamed, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation.


Wilson G. McConnell appointed President

J.W. McConnell’s son Wilson G. McConnell is appointed President of the Foundation.


Mrs. Peter M. Laing appointed President

In 1965, J.W. McConnell’s daughter Kathleen (Mrs. Peter M. Laing) was appointed President of the Foundation.


Disbursement of Foundation Funds

By 1974, total grants made by the Foundation passed the $100 million mark. The Foundation was a mainstay for many important health, educational, and cultural organizations in Montreal, and supported innovative programs such as the pioneering Palliative Care Centre at the Royal Victoria Hospital.


A National Perspective

In 1980, the Trustees decided to give the Foundation a broader, national focus. The Foundation’s granting was refocused to support innovative projects aimed at making organizations more productive, responsive, and efficient in their services to the community.


Derek A. Price Appointed President

In 1981, following the retirement of Mrs. Peter M. Laing, Derek A. Price was appointed President of the Foundation.